The Most Popular Delivery Orders In Every State During The Coronavirus Pandemic


As people shelter in place during the COVID-19 pandemic, many have found comfort in ordering delivery meals from their favorite restaurants. And it seems there are some regional variations in the dishes they’re craving.

New data from Yelp shows which delivery food items are uniquely popular in each state during this age of social distancing. It turns out Minnesotans are craving donuts, while catfish is a favorite in Mississippi.

To calculate the most popular delivery order unique to each state, a Yelp data scientist analyzed the names of food items ordered since March 16, when many states began to roll out shelter-in-place orders. He then quantified how frequently each dish was ordered in each state, relative to its popularity in other states.

“We found that people are having everything from bubble tea and poke bowls to catfish and gumbo delivered,” Yelp trend expert Tara Lewis said in a statement. “As it turns out, biscuits are a favorite in D.C., where the Goat Cheese & Herb Biscuit Sammie at A Baked Joint is referenced in 317 reviews, and Texans haven’t let COVID-19 stop them from enjoying the peak crawfish season (Yelpers recently raved about their to-go orders from Boil House in Houston, among others).”

Check out the list below of Americans’ favorite delivery orders unique to their state. Visit Yelp for more information about the methodology behind the report.

Arkansas ― Spring Rolls

California ― Bubble Tea

Colorado ― Crab Rangoon

Connecticut ― Cheese Pizza

Washington, D.C. ― Biscuits

Illinois ― Thin Crust Pizza

Massachusetts ― General Tso’s Chicken

Missouri ― Belgian Fries

New Hampshire ― Crab Rangoon

New Jersey ― Cheese Pizza

New Mexico ― Green Chile Cheeseburgers

New York ― Cheese Pizza

Oregon ― Loaded Burgers

Pennsylvania ― Italian Hoagies

Rhode Island ― General Tso’s Chicken

South Dakota ― Dumplings

Tennessee ― Chicken Tenders

West Virginia ― Bao Buns

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